When local comedian and businessman, Jem Atkins, started performing comedy in 2009, he worked the Durban comedy scene as hard as he could for those first 12 months, taking every slot he could find, even for no pay.

That first year he did 6 gigs. 6 gigs!! In a year!!So what did he do? He started On Fire Comedy – a ‘Proudly Durban’ company dedicated to promoting comedians and building the almost non-existent comedy scene in good ‘ol sleepy, laid-back Durbs.
4 years later, On Fire is the premier comedy events company in Durban, producing at least 6 regular monthly club shows (at various restaurants and club venues) in and around the city, featuring top local acts as well as some of the biggest names from JHB, Cape Town and elsewhere!They also produce larger theatre shows, promote touring Comedians, book Comedians and MC’s for just about any corporate event, do charity work and Comedy Tours.And not forgetting how it all started, they even provide stage time for the ‘newbs’ through monthly Open Mic Comedy events.

His business partner and best friend, Jess Knauf, joined ‘Team On Fire’ in 2014 and they’ve been on the up and up ever since!Inspired by highly successful comedy promoters like the Goliaths and Joe Parker (JHB) as well as Cape Town Comedy Club, they knew that Durban was hungry for top-class comedy entertainment and that’s exactly what On Fire is all about!In fact, most of their shows are regularly sold out and have become a highlight on the Durban social calendar.

The company has partnered with and is sponsored by some amazing brands, including SAVANNA CIDER, EAST COAST RADIO and RAW MEDIA, and enjoys amazing support from local punters, comedy lovers and comedians alike.

“You should bring something into the world that wasn’t in the world before.It doesn’t matter what that is. You should just do something and then sit back and say, ‘I did that.”Jem uses a Ricky Gerveis quote to emphasis the passion that drives On Fire, and the satisfaction it brings when standing at the back of a sold-out show and thinking, “We did that…”

On Fire Comedy – Durban’s premier comedy events specialists!