Bonaventure Kageruka survived the genocide that targeted the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994 that killed over 50 members of his family. Genocide took his loved ones but did not take his ambitions – he arrived in South Africa 15 years ago.

Bonaventure works at the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre. This Centre seeks to raise the awareness of the evils of genocide with particular focus on the Holocaust and the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. These two genocides offer a base for teaching lessons for humanity, including the consequences of prejudice, racism, hate speech, antisemitism, homophobia and xenophobia, as well as the dangers of indifference, apathy and silence. These values are very much in line with Bonaventure’s philosophy and way of life.

In his role at the Holocaust & Genocide Centre and as a survivor of genocide and the representative of Rwandan genocide survivors living in South Africa, he has been speaking in many conferences, schools, universities, corporates and media using his personal testimony and his xenophobic experiences endured in South Africa to become a change agent. His belief is that by telling his story as often as possible he helps to ensure that others do not endure similar traumatic experiences.

Bonaventure Kageruka’s formal education includes Bachelor of Arts with specialisation in Economics, Politics and Philosophy from the University of South Africa (UNISA).

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