Simon Hurry is a challenging, influential thinker and astute strategist who thrives on developing innovative practices focused on improving the productivity of people. He is particularly attracted to working in competitive environments where human performance has a clearly
defined and direct impact on the outcome. Simon’s real strength lies in his intuitive ability to identify the key success factors in any organization or team.

He is able to present this information clearly and succinctly which creates clarity and confidence in any decision making process.


Director/Owner (5yrs) of the HumanStrategy Group which provides consulting services for companies who which to optimize their business around their people | Professional Speaker focusing on the War on Talent, Engagement and the Happiness Advantage | Owner of HeadSport which provides a strategic, positive psychology approach to optimizing athletic performance both at an individual and a team level


Leadership Development | Strategic Planning | Teaching | New Business development | Management | Customer Service | Consulting | Project Management | Advertising | Process Improvement | Speaking | Talent Management | Personal Development


“The Talent Code”

In a restless age where talent is becoming harder and harder to find, there is a growing need to understand how to find and nurture talent. This 45-60min presentation presents the “formula” for talent and in so doing introduces what talent is, how talent can be recognized and how it can be developed. The concepts presented represent the latest
thinking and challenge the perception of what people can or cannot do. This presentation is for anyone keen on understanding their people better.

“Disengagement – the rising cost of doing business”

Work is taking up more and more of our time. Work is also more diverse than it ever has been. People are asking, even demanding more from their day and when they don’t get what they want, they unintentionally hijack the business for their own needs. This has a massive cost to productivity. This 45-60min presentation unpacks the basic elements of engagement and what businesses can do about it to ensure they are getting the most out of their people and their people are getting the most out of their jobs.

“Discover your Strengths”

The Gallup Strengthsfinder has been taken by over 11million people worldwide. Rooted in positive psychology it seeks to identify a person’s area of intrinsic talent and greatest potential. This 2hr presentation introduces the broad concepts of the tool so that those who have taken the assessment can understand what the results mean. This affirming and engaging presentation is a great team build guaranteed to get people to see themselves and others in a new light. (Requires that people take the Gallup Strengthsfinder beforehand – access codes can be provided)

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